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About the training

Is Aikido suitable for beginners?
•Yes, beginners are encouraged to try.

What should I wear to class?
•For your first trial class, comfortable clothing like a t-shirt and long pants is suitable. Once you decide to join, we recommend wearing a traditional judo Gi (top, bottom, and belt).

Do I need any prior martial arts experience?
•No, Aikido is very beginner-friendly. We encourage you to come with a beginner's mindset.

What age groups do you accept?
•We welcome students ranging from 7 years old to adults over 50. Age is just a number.

What can I expect in my first class?
•In your first class, you will experience the traditional opening and closing ceremony of an Aikido class. You'll also learn how to fall properly without hurting yourself. Sensei will guide you based on your progress, introducing you to basic movements and techniques.

Are there any safety precautions in place?
•Yes, we provide thick judo mats to break your fall, and you'll learn proper falling techniques before executing any moves.

Can I observe a class before joining?
•Absolutely, feel free to visit us and observe a class to get a sense of what we offer.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?
•As a beginner, you don't need to bring your own equipment. We have equipment available. You can consider purchasing your own weapons once you're ready.

Do you offer trial classes or free introductory sessions?
•Yes, you're welcome to join us for a trial class. Please contact Sensei David (via the Contact page) before your visit so we can prepare any additional equipment if needed.

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