About Village Aikido

Village Aikido aims to foster a culture of collective learning and discovery, reflecting on our Founder's mindset when he developed the art of Aikido. Our primary focus is to cultivate a community of like-minded individuals eager to learn and practice together. Aikido is the binding force that brings us together.

Our club was established with the primary goal of providing a dedicated dojo, a training center. Equally important, it was founded to foster an environment where questions are not turned away but welcomed. As someone once remarked in our class, 'The best teacher is the beginner', for they possess no preconceived notions of Aikido and respond naturally. This quality is a priceless asset that every Aikidoka must recognize and wholeheartedly embrace. True proficiency means that a technique must be effective againts all opponents, not just those versed in the art.

What is Goyukai

Goyukai 郷佑会 is our official club name but it roughly translates to Village Aikido. Lets break down the meaning of each character.

郷 (Gō): This character means "hometown," "village," or "community." It represents a small, localized area where people live and share a sense of belonging.

佑 (Yū): This character means "to assist," "to help," or "to protect." It conveys the idea of support or assistance offered to someone or a group of individuals.

会 (Kai):This character means "association," "society," or "gathering." It refers to a group of people coming together for a common purpose or shared interests.

Overall, the name suggests that the dojo is not just a place to practice Aikido techniques but also a community that provides assistance and support to its members. It signifies a sense of unity and spirit of helping one another in both martial and non-martial aspects of life. the idea that extends beyond the physical techniques and into the realm of personal and community development, where members come together to assist and support each other on their martial arts journey and in life.

Meet our trainer

Sensei David Tan

3rd Dan | 33 years of experience with Aikido

Sensei David started learning Aikido in 1990 under Aikikai Singapore. Aikido has been David's life time martial art of choice and he has benefitted greatly from it. He would like others to see and experience the benefits as well.

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